The CellMLTools plugin consists of various CellML-related tools, which can be accessed both through the CLI and the GUI.

CellML File Export

A CellML file can be exported to:

An export can be initiated by selecting the Tools | CellML File Export To menu or by entering the following command:

$ ./OpenCOR -c CellMLTools::export myfile.cellml cellml_1_0

to export myfile.cellml to CellML 1.0, or by entering:

$ ./OpenCOR -c CellMLTools::export myformat.xml

to export file using the user-defined format described in myformat.xml.

Some sample user-defined formats can be found in the OpenCOR distribution package. They are for C, FORTRAN 77, MATLAB and Python.

the CellML 1.0 export is adapted from Jonathan Cooper's CellML 1.1 to 1.0 converter and therefore has the same limitations.