The best way to familiarise yourself with the internals of OpenCOR is by having a look at its source code.


All of the source code is and must be made available under the OpenCOR namespace (e.g., [OpenCOR]/src/mainwindow.cpp and [OpenCOR]/src/mainwindow.h). There are only two exceptions to this rule: [OpenCOR]/src/main.cpp and [OpenCOR]/src/windows/main.cpp (i.e. OpenCOR’s two main .cpp files).


All changes to the source code must be referenced in the list of issues using labels to:

Continuous integration

Whenever something is pushed to the Git repository, OpenCOR gets automatically built and tested on Windows, Linux and macOS, through GitHub Actions.

Anyone wanting to contribute to OpenCOR should first fork the Git repository. Work for issue #XXX should then be done in a branch called issueXXX. The work done, a pull request should be created. This will trigger OpenCOR to be built and tested. Assuming everything goes well, the project manager will decide whether to merge the pull request.

Additional information

More specific information can be found in the following pages: