CellMLTools plugin

The CellMLTools plugin consists of various CellML-related tools, which can be accessed both through the CLI and the GUI.

CellML file export

A CellML file can be exported to:

An export can be initiated by selecting the Tools | CellML File Export To menu or by entering the following command:

$ ./OpenCOR -c CellMLTools::export myfile.cellml cellml_1_0

to export myfile.cellml to CellML 1.0, or by entering:

$ ./OpenCOR -c CellMLTools::export https://mydomain.com/myfile.cellml myformat.xml

to export https://mydomain.com/myfile.cellml file using the user-defined format described in myformat.xml.

Some sample user-defined formats can be found in the OpenCOR distribution package. They are for C, FORTRAN 77, MATLAB and Python.

Note #1: the CellML 1.0 export is adapted from Jonathan Cooper’s CellML 1.1 to 1.0 converter and therefore has the same limitations.
Note #2: the sample user-defined formats come from the CellML API and should be used with caution.