OpenCOR is a plugin-based application. As can be seen by opening the Plugins dialog (either by selecting the Tools | Plugins... menu or by clicking here) and by unselecting Show only selectable plugins (if necessary), OpenCOR comes with different types of plugins:


You can select which plugins you want to use. However, plugins that are needed by other plugins cannot be directly selected (e.g., the Core plugin is needed by the Help window plugin). Instead, they will be automatically selected if and only if they are needed by at least one other plugin.

Most of the selectable plugins come with some kind of a GUI, which is of one of two types:

If no plugins are selected then OpenCOR is an empty shell.

Data store

Data store plugins are used to store and manipulate data:

There is also one non-selectable data store plugin:


Editing plugins are used to edit files:

There are also some non-selectable editing plugins:


Miscellaneous plugins are plugins that do not fit in any other category:

There are also some non-selectable Miscellaneous plugins:


Organisation plugins are used to organise files:


Simulation plugins are used to simulate files:


Solver plugins are used to access various solvers:


Non-selectable support plugins are used to support various third-party libraries:


Non-selectable third-party plugins are used to access to various third-party libraries:


Tools plugins are used to access to various tools:


Non-selectable widget plugins are used to access various ad hoc widgets: